Diet 6 petals

The nutritional technique developed by Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson has a beautiful name - the 6 petal diet. The development of this technique has made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of several thousand women in Europe. And today, this method of weight loss effectively fights for a beautiful figure, gathering in its ranks a growing number of followers.

The results of the flower diet are simply amazing! In a statistical study, it was found that 80% of those who follow this diet have an impressive weight loss. 500-800 grams are lost in a day. In a few weeks, it is easy to lose 12-15 pounds. Those who applied the "6 petals" method got rid of the hated excess weight extremely quickly.

Every day - her own mono-diet

This diet program lasts 6 days. Each day has its own conditions and rules, called mono-diets. It is extremely important that the order of daily diets is not broken. The first day - a single diet, the second - the second, the third - the third and then according to the same scheme. The main point of the 6-petal feeding system is their precise alternation. Anna Johansson, who invented this diet, is convinced that this method is the most effective. This is confirmed in practice.

Completing the 6 petal diet is easy and fun

Women who have experienced many different ways of losing weight are sure that the 6-petal diet method can be called the simplest and most fun. He fully justifies his name, which was not accidental.

Working on this method to lose extra pounds, Dr. Anna Johansson, first of all tried to offer psychological support to all women who will diet. She presented her technique in the form of a flower with six petals, on which was written the menu of each day.

Thus, the nutritionist-programmer wanted to show how this diet will not only offer a record of weight loss, but will also offer an opportunity to improve health and mood. It will help you to see yourself and your life in a positive way. It has long been known that Anna Johansson also holds the view that no, even the best diet will not be beneficial if it involves anxiety, depression and discomfort.

The nutritionist suggests that the upcoming eating activity be perceived as a game that will give a sense of pride and self-satisfaction day by day. To do this, Anna offers to take a sheet of paper and make a flower out of it for herself. It can be anything you want: chamomile, chrysanthemum, carnation, cornflower and so on. It is important that it has 6 large petals that can be torn one by one every day.

When the day is over, and with it the mono-diet painted on the corresponding horseshoe, it must be removed. When the next paper horseshoe comes off, you will feel that the day has passed with a huge plus for your silhouette. That, thanks to the power of your will, you overcame the temptation to eat something "delicious" and so you added disgusting pounds. Each petal must be signed with the days of the week or numbered. Therefore, you do not confuse the sequence of mono-diets, and this is very important.

Whether you decide to use the flower trick or not is up to you. But, according to statistics, women who followed this diet using a flower model had a greater effect. To make the best use of this technique, place your flower in the refrigerator. Use the magic technique of the famous doctor and plant an auxiliary flower in the most visible and tempting place.

The work of the "6 petals" diet

How does the flower diet work for us? Everything is extremely simple. Experienced nutritionist Anna Johansson believes that meaning lies in the peculiarities of human digestion. It is based on three basic principles.

  1. Every single diet is the use of products based on a separate diet. When you mix some products together, fast weight gain is achieved. Eating according to the principle of a diet - a different type of food every day - allows you not to mix those elements of the diet that can not be consumed together.
  2. If anyone does not know this, let me clarify: some of the substances we get from food are very poorly digested together. This results in the formation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which, without being assimilated, pass into the fat layer and increase it. In her method, Anna Johansson separates products by compatibility type. From this, the food offered in the diet plan is perfectly digested for its destination.
  3. According to a nutritionist from Sweden, these mono-diets help a lot in the fight against excess fat, since one type of product is consumed per day. The European Weight Loss Research Center has conducted relevant studies. They have shown that if a monotonous diet does not last more than 24 hours, then the impact on calorie expenditure and the destruction of fat stores occurs in the most accelerated way. This happensbecause the human digestive tract has its own characteristics, especially the characteristics of the liver. The liver serves as a kind of storehouse for the human body. There is an accumulation of these substances, which at the moment in the body is above the norm. The surplus is stored for a rainy day. Therefore, a decent amount of nutrient stores are deposited in the liver. Each petal corresponds to its own feeding day. A separate diet each day will include the absorption of a specific product: chicken, curd, fish, vegetables and so on. The liver, along with the whole body, having received, for example, chicken for breakfast, will be saturated with this product. Having replenished its supply by supplying these chemicals, it will require other nutrients. But she will not be provided with other products! This is the meaning of monotonous mono-diet. So what will happen? Our body, based on the habit of taking in new nutrients, will not function very carefully in the morning chicken. The volume of energy will be lost. The body will not use it to the fullest. But he will not get anything else, so he will start using another energy source, since he needs it. It will take volumes of energy from the only possible part - the fat layer. Literally after the first day's meal, this process will begin. Even on the first day, a large amount of internal fat can be burned. After following the rules of the first horseshoe, a significant result will be felt.
  4. Another effective aspect of the 6 petal diet is the protein and carbohydrate shift system. In the opinion of Anna Junhansson, half the success in getting rid of excess weight is achieved for this reason.
    • On the first day a fish diet is recommended. This is the absorption of only protein foods.
    • On the second day vegetables are offered. Only carbohydrates are absorbed.
    • On the third day you should eat chicken. Protein substances are absorbed again.
    • On the fourth day we eat dishes with cereals, that is, again only carbohydrates are used.
    • The fifth day is dedicated to cottage cheese. This is a protein diet.
    • On the sixth day we eat fruit - again food with carbohydrates.
diet foods 6 petals

It is now clear that there is a change in single diets based on the consumption of protein and carbohydrates in pure, not mixed form. Note that this does not need to torment yourself with hunger, trying to force the body to expend adipose tissue. We do not need to deprive our body of calories, it just needs to be reshaped a bit. Then you will be full, and the fat will begin to melt.

It is necessary to say a few words about the consumption of fats during the "6 petals" diet program. All fats, as you know, are different in chemical composition, depending on the effect on the body. In the "6 petals" diet are offered for use only necessary mono- and polyunsaturated fats of animal origin: fish, meat, dairy. They will not be deposited in adipose tissue, but without them it is impossible for them to remain healthy and beautiful. This type of fat is classified as dietary. They were added to the menu so that the food is balanced.

Summarizing the above, the main features of the flower diet program are highlighted, which affect weight loss within a few days.

  1. Change of proteins and carbohydrates
  2. Implementation of the idea of a separate diet
  3. Effective fat burning with a 24 hour mono diet
  4. Lack of foods that inhibit digestion

Be sure to follow the sequence of single diets indicated by the nutritionist, ie the petals. This is a very important factor in achieving the goal. The petals should be torn only in this order:

  1. Fish
  2. Vegetables
  3. Hen
  4. Cereals
  5. cottage cheese
  6. Fruit

Do not change the order of mono-diets. You can not replace fish with chicken or cottage cheese, despite the fact that they are all protein products. Nutritionist Anna Junhansson considers this to be one of the main conditions. And that makes a lot of sense.

Each of the mentioned mono-diets has its own important role in reducing the fat layer. The 6-petal diet is based on a system of uniform changes in protein and carbohydrates. This is a very important moment. Therefore, you can not change mono-diets in places. If this happens, then the system of the desired digestion direction will change. The desired result will not work. You need to follow the diet exactly as Anna Johansson suggests. Each mono-diet produces a proper preparation of the body for the next stage.

diet fish 6 petals

How is it done? The first day includes the consumption of fish. It has a large amount of healthy fats (omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids). They are useful for the body and are not deposited in adipose tissue. In addition, fish meat is a product rich in protein that is very digestible. Having received proteins and fats, our body calms down and loses alertness.

The next day, we fill up on low-calorie vegetables - plant-based carbohydrates. By consuming them the body receives a small amount of calories and gives a lot to digest them. In addition, large fiber will be very useful. It will not allow digested food to remain in the body. The digestion of certain types of vegetables can force us to use our internal energy stores, ie fatty tissues.

In one day, the "6 petals" diet (subject to all conditions) will help you lose two pounds of weight. Vegetable diets will have a special effect if only protein is consumed before them. During the day of the vegetable diet, the body's protein bins will be empty, so on the third day you have to refill them. For this, a single-chicken diet would be a great way out. It will give the body protein, which will be completely depleted. The substance will not enter the muscles and, in particular, the adipose tissue. There will be a repetition of the first day. The body will be tuned to receive energy from the fat layer, because it will not receive carbohydrates on this day.

Following is a cereal mono-diet. This, like a vegetable, will give a significant reduction in body weight, taking energy for life from fat cells, while destroying them. A diet with cottage cheese will give the body the long-awaited minerals. All 4 days he will receive them in very small quantities with greens. The curd protein will enter the body. But due to the low calorie content, it will not give him the required calories. You will have to get them from adipose tissue again. So, again you will lose 1-2 kilos. This dairy product is very rich in beneficial amino acids.

The sixth mono-diet is designed to consolidate the effect and provide complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) to the body. These substances are found in large quantities in a variety of fruits. These tasty and healthy foods are very difficult for the gastrointestinal tract to digest. This process consumes a lot of energy. Where will the body get it from? Of course, from the fatty layer. You will get rid of the fat again.

Thus, it becomes clear how, during the entire period of the nutritional diet, the body itself removes the excess adipose tissue. "6 petals" diet Anna Johansson studied to the smallest detail. All six petals of the diet plan are closely related. They are like steps that lead you to your ideal silhouette.

Benefits of the 6 petal diet

  • Great weight loss in a short time
  • Using the characteristics of digestion to reduce adipose tissue
  • No drugs or chemicals
  • Eat all the nutrients your body needs
  • Cleansing the liver and intestines
  • Excellent mood and wellness
  • Safe for health

The 6 petal diet has many benefits. Many methods of weight loss, including fasting, cause irreparable damage to the human body. The perfect 6-petal method is not only safe for health, but extremely beneficial. Weight loss is done with excellent health and in a great mood! During a cycle, you can lose more than 10 pounds of body weight!