The Dukan diet: allowed foods

Pred to pocnete adate Ducana, treba da se consultarte products for kompatibilnost, ishrana, and the caracteristics of the Organismo and zdravstvuyte sostoya.

Prva faza — "Violence"

Poveet strovite ogranicava period of time. The Sakata celosno To, eliminera aglini hydrate, and the mRNA hrana, gradee of ishrana of the protein.

Celta in the continuous phase of the e rekonstruktsiia the prehrambena skills and subrtova metabolismo. You can Taguba from 1 to 6 lb.

You are going isgreat napadot time podoll of 10 Then e ZebraNet. Zloupotreba protein hrana Mauger To predizvici of the complications in the baubreite, predizvici disease.

Meatloaf with an egg on Dukan diet

Osnovnie rules of the stage "Violence"

Otsustate the aglini hydrate granee predizvicite in taloto, The nadpolnyh sweat Energia supplies the answer depoala.

Yes, this is dobie, max Efekt on vestacke sondagen the nedostatkom, it is necessary to take all of the pridrzavate odredjene principles:

  • and that, koristi the strict guidance listat to produce the e-mail is allowed for a prvate stage;
  • and in this age, with an annual membership fee of 1.5 tbsp sieve of the trici;
  • on the other nabuwwat on a PIEE of vladata;
  • CE koristi for the training of the privetlivy a method for the treatment of the thermal chamber;
  • praksa the second environment (peachee, trcae, gymnastics).

Granted hrana in Duan ishrana "Violence":

MesoTurcia, pelesko, goodsco, seacat, upadate
RIBAA fresh and pusele
Morska plodoviScreen
With milk, it isNisko nivo the manatee Optia

Pocetok there, and that they koristi of other products, dope, and Selenite Dodge self Malka. You are only allowed olive oil (1 Laroche), or the Eden grst orevi.

During the height of the "Violence"

Half an hour before the Adee CE pie 1 Cup of the regular, non-vazirani tecnost. The Grana koristi 1 larocca at the trice (oat, ' RJ, ceniza). The replacement of the prodavnica pechee – Loeb-in-Dukano.

Biblijata ishrana nedelno:

The day1-the annual membership feeWinka2 annual membership feeWinkaPM
PonedelnikAA, 100 g siree, compote of owoceOgurt with a half a tbsp. triceThe soup, with the meso, branny toastThe united states ogurt 0%The liver of the nekolku win the RIBA
TuesdayOmelette with parcia of the telesco tenderloin, a cpr CASireePileski cutlets – 2 parcia, brocade a cpr LoebOgurt – 200 gTurchia e in the rerna
The animal the middleDukhnovskyi cheesecakes, green CASiree – 120 gSVR, 2 Small trubnye of peletiCancer stupoviA cup of coffee with a bow
CetvrtakCoffeeMeco siree – 110 gThe liver pileski gradi, susani toastNan pielakSCHUNK and Ass
Petok2 vareni As, bilen CAOgurt, 0,5 tbsp of triceGotvi Recchia – 300 gSireeSoup with meatballs
SabotaOatmeal colaci, owase pielakIsmeet with sireeVareni crdit get itFermenters the liver of milk – 250 gCutlets from Malena RIBA
NedelaA, owase compoteSiree UrdaService jobsWith the milk.Telesco, with a bow

The time for the Edna Nedela go Napadne


the second Podoc


poblada CA



omelette 2, the As of milk, and bilki, and SCHUNK sandwich, coffee

Niska Massenet, ogurt – 150 g

the liver of a pelesko, with lemon-and onion – 300 g

gotvi Recchia

secoa RIBA – 300 g ogurt – 200 g


cheesecakes, CA

the chaos of the napravila from the trice of the oatmeal with the milk.

Rivoli on the melena

muffins oatmeal a trice

the liver Turcia meatballs

the animal the middle

vareni As, cafes

the lemon tart, ogurt

scusa, liver in white wine

the dessert Tapani Jackie, CA on Nane

Xie trelat to prieni with a red FISH


a sandwich with a SCHUNK, varani I, CA

area of the cutlets to the telesco

salmon chowder


FISH salad


omelette with siree

the liver pileski gradi

soup with melena goodsco meso

a dessert with siree

salmon fillet on nekolku


SCHUNK and Ass

RIBA And cha

goodsco meso secovi

palachinke a trice

meatballs with oats in the trice


the salad with the crab stupovi

the coffee cupcake

even the soup, and the varani are the

the milk with the vanilla

meatballs are Turcia


  • Podok a pelesko palachinke, ogurt.
  • It deals with the process of one domat, with the Morska hrana, a green CA.
  • Snack siree, pudding ogurt.
  • The tom Yam soup with shrimp
  • The HOUR – Obratite by pelesko, and brokula.


  • Podok – palachinke, a cup of coffee.
  • Handles – a meatball soup with a CA.
  • Poblada CA – siree, ogurt.
  • The HOUR – TO Rani with a pate of FISH.

In the middle of it:

  • Podok – prieni are Zelenchuk, coffee shops.
  • AM – liver, sea bass with Skara Zelenchuk
  • Poblada snack ogurt with trici.
  • The HOUR – spana quiche, and everything.


  • Podok – rolni with the thing.
  • Stalks – FISH-vista, CA.
  • Snack palachinke with siree.
  • O'CLOCK in – the liver tabs.


  • Podok – rastitelno Obratite with it
  • O'CLOCK in – the liver meso, CA.
  • Snack ogurt and Loeb a trice.
  • The HOUR – siree souffle with zucchini.


  • Podok – prieni with pusele even residen juice.
  • Handles – pileski chorba, CA.
  • Poblada snack ogurt with trici.
  • The HOUR – Turcia meatballs.


  • Podok – And the siree, coffee shops.
  • It deals with the process of karfiol, and the green CA.
  • Poblada snack rolni cancer.
  • The HOUR – zucchini fritters with a pelesko.


  1. Podok – prieni I, posna SCHUNK, a green CA.
  2. Handles – RIBA-soup with red FISH.
  3. Poblada CA – with milk, siree.
  4. The HOUR – posna biftek Turcia, ogurt.


  1. Podok – 2 of parcia in the ass, the coffee or green CA.
  2. Handles – the scar of a pelesko, with the bilki, to take mikoto.
  3. Poblada CA, Obratite Niska Massenet, siree, prirodni ogurt.
  4. PM – Rivoli on the goodsco meso, bilen CA.
  1. Podok – siree, kamilica CA.
  2. Handles – porridge oats are a trice, a green CA.
  3. Poblada snack siree Urda, prirodni ogurt.
  4. The HOUR – Skara Perch, bilen CA.


  1. Podok – cooked pelesko, and coffee or cha.
  2. Handles – part of the razlichni the FISH, the cha of the Nane.
  3. Poblada CA – SOA siree, a green CA.
  4. Dinner – salad "Mimosa", and a decoction of rose cakovice.


  1. Podok – lemon custard Urda, prirodni ogurt.
  2. Handles – a light soup with a quail, bilen CA.
  3. Poblada snack palachinke a trice, ogurt.
  4. I hamburgeri from the posno a meso, MLEKO.


  1. Podok – 2 vareni Ac or Priene Ass, kamilica CA, or, and coffee.
  2. Handles the telesco secovi, CA on Nane.
  3. Snack siree, prirodni ogurt.
  4. The HOUR – Turcia in the juice with the milk.


  1. Podok – siree, buckwheat porridge with milk.
  2. Pens – salmon-soup kamilica CA.
  3. Snack – oats in the gitarce, trici, with milk.
  4. PM – ligi, SOA siree, ogurt.

The breakdown

If imalo neko breakdown, singing the theme to the tide Malka overboard, and Adele ZebraNet hrana not dorisovat to ishrana to work it Sanlucar? Duan provided in a new, slusa does not, here in the OCA, and all the pridrzavate as to Ledneva line:

  • Lednice 2 Then open iskljucivo of protein;
  • if you are neuspeha occur in the phase, "Violence", They take to the sink extended up to 2nd Dan;
  • zgolemuvanje vachata a day on the water in a dose of 2 littry;
  • spiee powee of the voobchem;
  • dnevni of proseki sought To the sink namaku Eden an hour in the Lednice 3-4 a day;
  • as for other limitations, petrosoveta on the Salt.

For the other speci of the defecty, it is important that you zapmeta nekolku rules:

  • in the fasite of the "Srctree" and "Precache" on the tejina otide slowly, but That's not a reason To letat outside crustacean, and the singing of the theme to the izgubi sure postignuvaat the scanit formation;
  • tseliot time ishrana of the raspolagaet and sekogash with cancer, looking To sink yourself into, it's not allowed, and that the old;
  • The Wii is not Mauger Yes se yes obviat themselves for the failure, Bidai of wine in honor of the dovedova to violence.

Wednes the neuspeha than treba da se golemi nivnata of physical activity, and screen of aspesi and dostihova To reward yourself with if you are not able to conclude that the priatno. Efektivnosti of the ahranta, depending on the Wola, To go isgreat won iskushenie To to To to continue, gubat Telesat tejina, dope, and komovi.

The time for the SCO day, tabela of Duan ishrana

Screen the protein Atkins ishrana e petrosoveta the odredjene a groupie of hrana email is allowed in the razlichni of the periodical. Tuk e on a Mac, with the preporuciti for the selection of the hrana. The document Mauger Yes se kombinerat the mega itself, and Xie consumerout win in the kakwa form, ednostavno no moat and that the ADAT Priene, the idea, That the e podobro that Izberi metadot on the gotee pacee, or stewing.


The proteins of the diet, the Zapadnova the napadat on the teleto is pure protein. At this stage, requires a itagne win aglini hydrate-Sadri hrana, but are exempted from the pravilata of ishrana You can it as a condiment To go koristite shine (not the powee of the 1st of brocade), and onions.

Hrana group,Not allowedZebraNetZabeleska
MesoWin a pelesko, telesco, upadate, seacat meso, SCHUNK, without a jacketGoose and Patka mesoMetadot is to win a gotee oven priee in the oil
RIBAMauger To the screen Vidovi conservaran in sobstven juice, crab stupovi, and the Cadena RIBA Mauger To sink a lot of Ratko CEConservaran puter
Morska plodoviThat e-mail, without escluso
Mlecni productionThe S and e of the suit, and up to 1.5%Mlecni the production of a high Massenet, with the aditive and Sheker
ItProtein intake in an unrestricted kolicina, jacka 3-4 parcia nedelno
PilotiWater, cha, coffee shops, cicoriaSokovi, vazirani pilotiThe CA and Slaby coffee, Water, namaku 2 littry
LeataClomid, SOA is GUARANTEED, Zelenchuk, domat pasta, juice ml lemon over the saladPraz
The production of the otherShirataki testenine, rastitelno-oil is not your powee of 1 tbsp .l. LINENO seeds, tofu, seitan, Goji bobince


Dnevnoe meni treba da GI vkluchaut a sieve to produce an od prethodna tabela. The document you need To consumerout proteini day. The protein and the Zelenchuk Then, You can dodelete:

  • juice;
  • selca;
  • a turnip;
  • win Zelenchuk, and a green salad;
  • the grave;
  • Praz;
  • asparagus;
  • celer;
  • life.

During this phase, You can consumerout rastitelno based hrana Nisko nivo of Sheker, and clean. Not to adate to be compared, mechancete, Penka, testenine, avocado. The dozvoljeni hrana Mauger To is your guide salati by the juice ml lemon or a little kolicina oil Vries PASSAGE, or on the other PEC. Secont consumere of oats at the trice treba da se golemi 2 tbsp.


The production groupMauger ToDon'tDelovi
Loeb'RJ-pshenichno The 50-day
OwaseSITA oven at ZebraNetGrose, banani, United Suva owase, creche, crecheUp to 200 gram in a day
SireeMinimalna of the match – 15%40 g
The production of a high sadrina cleanTo compare, graves, Oris, testenine and art.The 1st time, nedelno 150-200 g
GitanesBuckwheat and Oris200 g buckwheat, 150 g of Oris
MesoSwinish, goodsco meso, slanina, agneska meso1 or 2 party, nedelno
PoweeSlatki, MainesThe 2-party nedelno in the minimalnie iznosi

At this stage, need to se consumir day prazan stomak 2 tbsp. trice of oats and clean water for the namaku 2 l

At the Trecate phase proteinsa diet ogranicava CE recisi odsutan. But, To the se odrzi normalno Teina singing the theme to take you to the otkazat the products that you bogati with the Sheker and the cleaning. The theme, tie Mauger To the bidat prisutni in the ahranta, but a lot of retko 1 brocade nedelno. Make the mogat To sink in combinatia with Edna, with my friends, and to padgate in the beginning, even for the priee in the oil.

In the process stabilizatio on the basis of the ahranta ostanuva belkovyi that preporacuvam To CE to CE consumerout Zelenchuk, owase, and the italici, in the limit of kolicini. Bidete Sigourney, and it's a point of protein to the postat the day the 1st time nedelno.

Cucumber rolls for the Assault phase


Stabilizatio e phase, the BACK is not to be limited by the passage of time. For the sarsuwela of the prethodne 3 chakori, not Mauger Yes you're lying on the normalnot ishrana. However, there is no Deposit required, they are to give prednost fresh, Zelenchuk, and the proteins are produced. Neophodno e-mail, and that the boundaries of the kolichestvom at the petrashovka of the starchy hrana, Loeb, testenine, masni meso, siree, and itariri.

For You, I have a izgubila terzinato an adverb, and that you are refreshed, go to pravat sportot, setae to the fresh air, and make it active life-Style. Ednas nedelno, bidete Sigourney, and it's a point of protein in the postat den meni Violence. Fluorescent in-prazan stomak take you to consumerout 3 lazizi oats at the trice to go To nabuwwat PAE mode.


On the other postigne brz results and the results of the gobee for terzinato time ishrana By Ducane, posebno attention is needed, and that the Radiance of the light of the Motory action. Realizacia of the jednostavan of the fizicki of the vibration, the peecee and the Velosipedizam imaat positive vliianie VRZ human health and the izgledom gobee of the Telesat tejina to be passed

Trim fat sing the theme to the obezbedi patuha at the gym. All 3 of the bucovat party, nedelno. Koristite win a Koa moznost To the odbii prevos. Gobee to terzinato singing the theme to the CE-case of the BRT, if you are musculoso Divo singing the theme of the work and the calories and the ASPIRATION izgoren popso of the country, a rushee of a lepidote deposits.

The Phase "Stabilizatsiya"

Poslednata stage, Duan ishrana not pomalku important that the screen ostinati. Pravilata Tiina e-mail postignut and zasticena, but That the e-stage of the "Stabilizatsiya" singing the theme to be, the sadrzi the zasekogas.

Opsti rules

The rules and uputstva tuka e a lot of pomal, and document the CE jednostavna good, and there is a lot of bar pressure. To odrzavati of Wasit tochni body tejina, need to to:

  • Nikogas don't overeat, CE ade myself svetlinata of the saturatia.
  • SECO day and age, three (3) years, lazizi oat of the trice
  • On the control day, Stupka in the TechNet e-mail to you pie pomalku od 2 l
  • Secoa Nedela, and that the the user Eden pure protein a day
  • Make an active life-Style – Prosecco, odbii, to Be okine CE, IT is caused by powee.

Granted hrana

ZebraNet hrana in this phase, the gobee to the Teina e wee for quite a Few, and in negovo odsustvo CE tolerara sosema of the peace process. The first, and in general it is Sheker, and fructose. Pochetokot the "Stabilizatsiya" on teleto CE odwo of the ink itself there is no need again to him, and that in bucovat.

When izboru e-mail allowed the ADEA Must to the Key-positiveat Lednice rules:

  • Zelenchuk Mauger Yes se consumir in the win Koa kolicina;
  • owase of the Ednas of the day, Edna Porcia (for example, the Eden Abaco, Edna or two persimmons on the sleve);
  • Syria respectable fly to Nisko nivo of manatee, and even a goat, and the sons of Syria;
  • meso – Niska Massenet Vidovi;
  • pelesko, without the skin, nadorite Works the sirloin;
  • mlecni manufac – Nisko nivo the the manatee, and the Niska sadrina intolerant;
  • The salt in the limitations of the kolicini;
  • Loeb – ' RJ Peniche, 100 g;
  • starchy hrana powee of two per day;
  • the day of adomestic a trici – 3 tbsp

If the screen prethodni fazi at ishrana Ducane savrsena the e right, in phase 4, taloto Mora da se prilagodi noviot waiting for the CE RASPA calories, not to sondage match of the year celosno to the CE asimilarea with hronline's question.

The phase "Stabilizatsiya all rights reserved, and that the osloboditi od stetni skills Adee: tendenzia To preazovie ojamae stresses ITN.

The Kroot on the stabilizacja phase obedece you Can is a crime to snowite on the right, ishrana, and redovno To the Key-pominova dinovite Iscover for geluiddicht, nabuwwat of the pravilata the ishrane. Navino trinie, and she said that it is not the upotrebata of the "hrana death". Ahranta Sadri a lot of proteins, which are CE izgradi secoa mobile a choveshkata to the body. If a person pocituvame the pravilata of the secoa stage, kristee on vremeto app on vidlife rezultati and singing the theme to all of the absent in the a New skill, and the singing of the theme to the zaboravite for dopolnitelno tejina.